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Venues and attractions

Sell tickets to a new audience
Our system displays and sells your tickets on the Tiqets website, as well as via our mobile app and our distribution partners. Our content team ensures your tickets are professionally presented in seven languages.
Free setup, no monthly fee
Our integration team connects your ticketing system to our portal via API, inventory feed, or otherwise. We make sure tickets are delivered instantly and customers can handle everything from their smartphone.
Great support teams
The Tiqets customer service will help your customer to make both the booking process and the visit a great experience. Our multilingual team is available to answer all questions from your customers. Our team is reviewed as “great” on Trustpilot.
Scanapp solution
The Tiqets Scanapp is a standalone mobile ticketing solution. Tiqets generates barcodes, sells and fulfills your tickets, and provides you with a downloadable app so you can scan tickets with a smartphone at the entrance. All free of charge.